The One Way to accept payments

30% of the Fijian population are unbanked or underserved in the financial services sector. Backed by Mastercard we bring you the DUA experience to solve this problem.

Easy Payment

Accept Payment with Your Device

Our solution allows merchants to accept contactless payments using credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and wearable devices. It uses the device’s NFC technology to enable tap-and-pay transactions

Digital Receipts

After a successful transaction, the SoftPOS solution can generate digital receipts that can be sent to customers via email or text message

Reporting and Analytics

Built-in reporting and analytics tools that help merchants track sales, revenue, and customer data.


Our solutions are designed to ensure secure transactions and comply with payment industry standards, such as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Take Your Business with You

Made for merchants, DUA combines globally trusted and highly secure consumer PIN authentication with leading-edge mobile technology, providing a new way to accept payments in Fiji with a truly unique customer experience.

What a great initiative by Fintech Pacific and DUA. I can finally accept card payments at the tip of my fingerprints, and my customers are super happy. 

Bliss Fiji


Enjoy Better Payment Acceptance

DUA allows businesses to accept payments conveniently through a smartphone or tablet, turning these devices into secure and versatile point-of-sale terminals. This technology revolutionizes payment acceptance by eliminating the need for traditional card readers and providing a flexible, cost-effective solution for merchants of all sizes.

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