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DUA is Fintech Pacific's digital brand that services the wallet, travelmate, remittance, and softPOS

Mobile SoftPOS solutions are designed to ensure secure transactions and comply with payment industry standards, such as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). They often use encryption, tokenization, and other security measures to protect sensitive customer information.

DUAPAY is our branded softPOS terminal that uses NFC technology to accept payments.

Yes, we do have fees implemented when using our services whether as a merchant or as a consumer.

You will have a wider customer reach when it comes to receiving payments.

Upon signing up, you choose your preferred settlement structure. Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly.

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Made for merchants, DUA combines globally trusted and highly secure consumer PIN authentication with leading-edge mobile technology, providing a new way to accept payments in Fiji with a truly unique customer experience.

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